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    Carisa Wells is the General Manager of Southern Highlands Community Hospice. Having relocated from Sydney in 2017 and with a background in business management, strategic planning, marketing and retail she quickly become part of the business community in the region. Growing up in Goulburn, Carisa saw Bowral as being an aspirational place to live. Bringing up her daughter and two fur babies here is truly a dream come true. She is completely obsessed with the beautiful Southern Highlands and

    feels truly blessed to call the area home


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    I would like to welcome Carisa Wells to the SHCCI Board. Carisa has taken up the role of Vice-Chair and comes with a wide range of skills particularly in the Strategic Planning and Retail Sector. Carisa is our featured member this month and you can read more about Carisa in our newsletter.

    This week was the inaugural meeting of the Southern Highlands Key Stakeholder Group. This group has gathered to offer a united voice for the business sectors of the Southern Highlands. The group includes representatives from Southern Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Illawarra Chamber of Commerce, Moss Vale Chamber of Commerce, Southern Highlands Food and Wine Association, Wingecarribee Shire Council, Destination Sydney Surrounds South, Destination Southern Highlands, Low Carbon Living Southern Highlands, Regional Development Southern Inlands, Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre, TAFE NSW and Wollongong University. I will keep you advised of progress with this group.

    The last Six Degrees of Separation Networking event was a great success with over 40 in attendance. There were 10 new businesses that presented their business to those in attendance. If you have not attended one of these event I suggest you do they are free and a great way of getting your business know by the business community. The networking events are held on the third Thursday of each month at Gibraltar Hotel commencing 6pm. You can find the event at in the events section simply register and bring your business cards along and enjoy the event.

    I would like to thank the board members for their work in completing the Strategic Plan that is now available on the SHCCI Home Page.

    Finally I would like to bring everyones attention to the increased activity on our Social Media platforms and encourage everyone to take a look at what we are presenting and to also post information about your business or anything that you want to share that may be of interest to the business community of the Southern Highlands.

    Steven Horton
    Chair SHCCI 

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    Cash, wallet, money

    Undeclared cash-in-hand payments to employees and contractors will no longer be eligible for a tax deduction, the ATO has warned, as part of a crackdown on undeclared earnings.

    The new rule was unveiled as part of the 2018–19 federal budget. It will take effect for all payments made from 1 July this year, for income tax returns lodged for the 2019–20 financial year and beyond.

    According to the ATO, the new rule aims to level the playing field where businesses pay workers in cash to avoid PAYG withholding obligations, and where contractors do not provide an ABN or withhold any tax and cash payments they receive.

    ATO assistant commissioner Peter Holt said in a statement that the removal of tax deductions for cash payments is just one way it is tackling the black economy.

    “It’s fairly straight-forward: do the right thing and you can claim a deduction. Deliberately do the wrong thing and you’ll miss out on a deduction and risk being penalised,” he said.

    “The Black Economy Taskforce estimates that the black economy is costing the community as much as $50 billion, which is approximately 3 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). This is money that the community is missing out on for vital public services like schools and roads.

    “Businesses that operate in the black economy are undercutting competitors and gaining a competitive advantage by not competing on an even footing.”

    Mr Holt also warned that employers not complying with PAYG withholding requirements can be penalised.

    He noted that cash is “a legitimate way of doing business, and we recognise that some industries do tend to take more cash than others”, but that it is often being used to avoid paying tax and superannuation.

    “When cash is used to deliberately hide income to avoid paying the correct amount of tax or superannuation, it’s not only unfair, it’s illegal,” Mr Holt said.

    Honest mistakes won’t be impacted

    The removal of the tax deduction will not apply to innocent errors, where an employer accidentally classifies an employee as a contractor if they are provided with an ABN.

    “Our objective is to support small business to help them get it right,” Mr Holt said.

    “But anyone caught deliberately doing the wrong thing will lose their deduction.”

    According to Mr Holt, employers that voluntarily disclose that they have not met withholding requirements before the ATO takes any form of compliance action will still be eligible for the deductions, and may also be entitled to penalty reductions.

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    The SHCCI Board have now reviewed and updated the plan for the chamber. The diagram below is a snap shot of the chambers strategic direction which is how featured on the home page of the SHCCI Web Site.

    If you would like to comment on the plan please email Steven Horton at 

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    The Illawarra Business Chamber (IBC) will be looking for payroll tax relief and greater investment in infrastructure to connect the region in the detail released tomorrow in the NSW Government’s first budget since the March election.

    “Amid slowing growth, a workforce shortage and tough trading conditions, the state government should fast-track its promised payroll tax cuts for areas outside of Sydney and must deliver major infrastructure upgrades to stimulate growth and open up opportunities for our regional economy,” said IBC Executive Director, Adam Zarth.

    “The Chamber has asked government to immediately lift the payroll tax threshold to $1 million for businesses in regional areas, including the Wollongong LGA in its Pre-Budget Submission,” Mr Zarth said.

    “At a minimum we expect the threshold to be lifted to $900,000, as already committed to in the previous term of government.”

    “The Chamber has also called for the establishment of an Infrastructure Coordination Authority, guided by a private sector board, which would help ensure the efficient delivery of infrastructure, advise on contracting and monitor performance. Projects like the South West Illawarra Rail Link, which have clearly demonstrated a cost-benefit ratio of more than 1 – in this case, 1.13 on a conservative discount rate by the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility – need to receive more prominence by government in consideration for funding sources like Restart NSW.”

    The Chamber is also looking for government to introduce practical strategies to get young people skilled and into the workplace.

    “We are calling on the government to deliver 20,000 school based apprenticeships and traineeships over the next four years and ensure the skills developed both in school and training are relevant and aligned to industry,”

    “Importantly for our region, we hope the Budget will fund the continuation of Illawarra YES (Youth Employment Strategy) – a successful program that has secured 84 jobs since inception and assisted businesses address skills gaps in the transport, cabinet making, disability and aged care sectors.” Mr Zarth said.

    Media Contact:  James Newton (0417 135 858)

    Source:  NSWBC 2019/20 NSW Budget Submission

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    Join the food waste fight!

    Food businesses in NSW throw away around 30% of their food. As well as the impact on our environment, that is a lot of money going in the bin!

    You can be a part of the solution! RDA Southern Inland, in partnership with Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre, are hosting a Food Waste Webinar to explore the issue of food waste, look at some businesses who have successfully reduced their food waste and introduce our free program, Your Business is Food.

    Register here

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    SH Safety Network Meeting - May 2019

    16th May 2019, 8am - Focus: Assessing risks in your workplace

    Location: IOH Southern Highlands - Suite 1, 22 Drapers Road, Braemar

    Register HERE or call 02 4620 7244

    Safety Network Meeting Agenda

    This meeting will focus on assessing risks in the workplace - identifying, how to manage, and the best practice in completing risk assessments.
    This will be an informal style of networking, with flexibility to contribute ideas and experiences, or ask questions, in a relaxed environment.

    Please forward this to your network or anyone in your organisation who is interested in safety in the workplace.

    SH Safety Network Aims

    Local business people fostering networking opportunities to promote positive change in WHS culture. Providing information and a relaxed environment to network about safety.

    Interested in Safety in Southern Highlands? Join our network on 

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    The chamber has been provided with a link to interviews of 3 of the 6 candidates in the federal seat of Whitlam undertaken by Zoe Brain from Z GEN FM our local youth radio station.

    The interviews are currently playing on 92.5 FM up until election night and are also available for streaming in the below link:

    These interviews are very interesting and give an insight into what the youth of our area are thinking and the answers provided give an insight into how our candidates react to this thinking.



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